The Hofbibliothek Stuttgart

Taking possession of the goods of secularised monasteries in his kingdom, King Frederick of Württemberg selected the – in his opinion – most valuable books from their libraries to create the Royal Reference Library (königliche Handbibliothek) in 1810, a typical old-style princely library. Renamed the Royal Court Library (königliche Hofbibliothek) in 1886, this institution existed separately beside the Royal Public Library, which later became the Württembergische Landesbibliothek, until 1945. In the years following the First World War, the Hofbibliothek suffered a crisis and was forced to sell off doublets to secure its existence: Among those books sold were the descriptions of the administrative districts of Heilbronn (MGH library Dw 1820-45 and Urach (MGH library Dw 1820-8) now in the possession of the MGH. . In 1944, the building burnt to the ground and had to be demolished. Of the library’s contents only the manuscripts and incunabula survived. These had fortunately been removed from Stuttgart and are now in the Württembergische Landesbibliothek. The newer books were completely lost.

Also from the Königliche Hofbibliothek in the MGH library:

Scheidt, Christian Ludwig: Origines Guelficae / Opus praeeunte Dn. Godofredo Guilielmo Leibnitio stilo Dn. Ioh. Georgii Eccardi litteris consignatum, postea a Dn. Ioh. Daniele Grubero novis probationibus instructum, variisque pernecessariis animadversionibus castigatum, iam vero in lucem emissum a Christiano Ludovico Scheidio, I.C., Hanoverae: Orphanotropheus Morigensis 1750-53 (MGH library 2° Dh 522)

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