Exact Page Links to dMGH

Links to single pages in dMGH can be created using the series abbreviation, the volume number, and the page number.

E.g.: the established abbreviated citation form MGH SS 17 p. 232, referring to MGH, Scriptores (in Folio), volume 17, page 232, can be written as a link:


Each link must begin with the fixed address:


Thereafter follow the series abbreviation, volume number, the separator "S." (for "Seite"/page), and the page number. The link elements must be separated with an underscore "_ ".



By leaving out the page reference ("S" and page number), the link connects automatically to the first page of the cited volume.

E.g.: https://www.mgh.de/dmgh/resolving/SS_17

You can also automatically create a citation link by clicking „Zusatzinfo“ (the small "i" link in the upper left-hand corner of each page).


The established standard abbreviations series and volumes are listed in the dMGH-Präsentationssoftware links in the navigation tree.

Alternatively, you can consult the List of Series and Volume Abbreviations.

To create a link to a page that you have found in the deployment software, simply click „Zusatzinfo“.