Events | 26. Mar. 2024

Beyond Regino: „Geschichtsquellen des deutschen Mittelalters“ and Canon Law

Evening lecture at the MGH institute/Ludwigstr. 16 / 80539 Munich (with live-stream via Zoom)
Monday, 6.5.2024, 6 p.m.

The new MGH series „Collectiones canonum, mittelalterliche Kanonessammlungen“ featuring medieval collections of canon law was inaugurated in late 2023 with the edition and German translation of the Sendhandbuch by Regino of Prüm by Wilfried Hartmann. Commemorating the publication, Roman Deutinger and Wilfried Hartmann present the edition and examine the importance of works of canon law in medieval studies.

Besides purely narrative historical sources of the German Middle Ages, the online repertorium „Geschichtsquellen des deutschen Mittelalters“ includes some one hundred works of canon law. In his presentation, the editor, Roman Deutinger, explains how and why these texts came to be incorporated into the repertorium of sources. In this context, he outlines the use of the online repertorium as a research instrument, its possibilities and limitations, and the perspectives it offers for future research.

In his lecture, Wilfried Hartmann presents his edition of the Sendhandbuch of Regino of Prüm. Regino’s Sendhandbuch is one of the most important medieval collections of ecclesiastical law. It is a collection of legislation compiled from the acts of church councils, penance books, and Carolingian capitularies together with excerpts from papal letters, early council traditions and patristic works intended to assist bishops in their visitations of church institutions and in exercising their jurisdiction in itinerant synodal courts. The book contains catalogues of questions for interrogation, descriptions of offenses, and explicit instructions as to the appropriate penance to be done, making it a singularly informative source for the history of the clergy and everyday life in the late Carolingian period.

Roman Deutinger studied history, Latin, and musicology at the universities of Regensburg, Tübingen, and Uppsala. In 1999, he attained his Ph.D. with a thesis on Rahewin of Freising, followed by his habilitation in 2004. Since 1999, Deutinger works in the project Repertorium „Geschichtsquellen des deutschen Mittelalters“ at the Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften. His research focuses on medieval historiography and legal history with occasional excursions into the field of canon law.

Wilfried Hartmann retired as professor for medieval history and the historical Hilfswissenschaften in Tübingen in 2007. From 1971 to 1989, he worked for the Monumenta Germaniae Historica, editing the Liber contra Wolfelmum by Manegold of Lautenbach in the MGH series Concilia, volumes 3, 4, and 5 (843–859, 860–874, 875–911). In 2023, the MGH published his edition of the Sendhandbuch of Regino of Prüm. Hartmann’s research focuses include the history of the Carolingian Age, the intellectual history of the 11th and 12th centuries, and the history of ecclesiastical and secular law.

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