The Bamberg World Chronicles of the 11th and 12th centuries

In our collection of online digital resources, we present pre-print editions of the so-called "Anonymous Kaiserchronik" (Anonymous Imperial Chronicle), the anonymous continuations of Frutolf's chronicle up to the years 1101 and 1106, and the first part of Frutolf's world chronicle  chronicles, making them available for research purposes in preliminary form while work is still continuing on the publication of the complete text complex.

The MGH initially entrusted the project of editing the works of Bamberg chronicle writers to Dr Irene Schmale-Ott and her husband, Prof. Dr Franz-Josef Schmale. However, the manuscripts they submitted in the 1980s were held back from publication (the reasons for this decision are explained in the introduction to the Kaiserchronik) and now require a thorough revision reflecting modern technological developments such as the use of multispectral image analysis.

In 2016, the central board of directors approved the plan to re-initiate the project under new editiorial aspects with of new editiors including a number of young scholars. The division of work now proceeds according to the following scheme:

Frutolf von Michelsberg's world chronicle, building on the preparatoy work of Irene Schmale-Ott (†), Franz-Josef Schmale (†), and Christian Lohmer,  edited by Martina Hartmann and Benedikt Marxreiter with the collaboration of Ioanna Georgiou and Horst Lösslein.

The anonymous Frutolf-continuations up to 1101 and 1106, building on the preparatory work of Irene Schmale-Ott (†) and Franz-Josef Schmale (†), edited by Benedikt Marxreiter.

The so-called Anonymous Imperial Chronicle, building on the preparatory work of Irene Schmale-Ott (†) and Franz-Josef Schmale (†), edited by Martina Hartmann with the collaboration of Ioanna Georgiou.

The so-called Hierosolymita, edited by Benedikt Marxreiter and Thomas McCarthy

The world chronicle of Ekkehards von Aura, edited by Thomas McCarthy

In the coming months and years, these texts will be progressively made available as pre-print editions on the MGH homepage. On completion, the entire complex will be prepared for publication in printed edtion accompanied by the release of a parallel electronic edition.

For corroboration purposes, references to the chronicles of Frutolf and Ekkehard will continue to cite the old editions by Georg Waitz in MGH SS 6 (1844). Please note that the pre-print editions are "works in progress" which will be subject to textual amendments and re-formating prior to being printed. When citing from them, please include the imprint ID (Satzlauf-ID, noted on p. 4 of the PDFs) of the version you are using. If you have corrections or addenda to the text, commentary, or introduction, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Pre-print editions 

The anonymous Frutolf continuations up to 1101 and 1106 (PDF, last update: August 2018)

The Anonymous Imperial Chronicle (anonyme Kaiserchronik) (PDF, last update: August 2019)

Frutolf von Michelsberg's world chronicle for the years 1001-1056 (PDF, last update: Januar 2021)

Ekkehard of Aura's World Chronicle, books 1 and 2 (PDF, Stand: September 2022)