Addenda to the MGH Diplomata editions Karol. 1 and Imp. Germ. 1 and 2

The MGH editions of the charters of Pippin, Karlmann, and Charlemagne (DD Karolinorum 1) were published 1892-1903. The imperial charters of Conrad I to Otto III were edited 1879-1893 by Theodor Sickel as the world's first genuinely critical charter edition (DD Regum et Imperatorum Germaniae 1, 2.1, 2.2). Addenda and later supplements from the years 1893-1956 have been published by Regesta Imperii.

This database is conceived as a supplementary research resource encorporating later editions, regesta, and relevant literature, re-evaluating and updating Mühlbacher's and Sickel's authentification and diplomatic and contentual analyses, offering consultation of the original documents in digital form, and linking to the information sites of Regesta Imperii and dMGH.

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Full texts

D O. I. 248a: Otto I confirms the Abbey St. Gallen in its possession of the Abbey Massino. Pavia, 962 October 7
D O. I. 250a: Otto I confirms Bishop Berard of Comaccio and his successors in their possession of their present and future properties in the Counties of Comaccio, Ferrara, and Gavello, and in and outside of Ravenna. Nocera (?), 962 December 19
D O. I. 371: Otto I confirms his follower Ingo and his descendants in all their present possessions and grants them extensive processual rights. Cassano, 969 April 18
D O. III. 119: Otto III gives the Abbey S. Servatius in Maastricht back to the church of Trier, which had been dispossessed of the abbey through exchange by Otto I on the bad advice of evil persons. Ingelheim, 993 April 18
D O. III. 377a: Otto III announces his protection for Adam, Teutia's son, allowing him to live under Roman law and choose a reeve. Pavia, 1000 Juli 10