News | 24. Jul. 2023

Lecture on the development and the digitisation of the MGH archive

The Summer School “History, digitisation and archive” is organized by the University of Regensburg in cooperation with the Al-Nahrain University and the University of Baghdad. In this context Prof. Dr. Arno Mentzel-Reuters (MGH) will give the lecture „Scattered-reunited-digitized: The fate of a collection on German history of science (1945-2023)”.

Historians of the post-colonial Middle East are arguably forced to write what historian Ibrahim ʿAbduh dubbed “history without documents” (tārīkh bilā wathāʾiq), as archival materials remain scattered and unattended, eventually leading up to uncontested historical narratives. In an interdisciplinary cooperation and a cultural dialogue across borders German and Iraqi scientists from the departments of applied computer science and history discuss the German experiance of digital archive and history vis-à-vis the Iraqi context.

This Summer School is part of the DAAD joint project Digital Teaching and Learning in Historical Sciences: