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Die Briefe des Erzbischofs Hinkmar von Reims

(Hincmari Archiepiscopi Remensis Epistolae) Teil 2: 868-872 Herausgegeben von RUDOLF SCHIEFFER nach Vorarbeiten von ERNST PERELS und NELLY ERTL (Epistolae 8,2) VIII und 236 S. (S. 229-464). 4°. 2018 ISBN 978-3-447-10074-8br. EUR 45,-

The publication of volume VIII of the Epistulae Series, dedicated to the letters of Archbishop Hinkmar of Reims, began with the issue of the first fascicle in 1939. Having been printed some time previously in the expectation of following contributions, this first edition appeared without title pages and thus anonymously. In fact, it was the work of Ernst Perels (1882-1945), who as "half-Jew" had lost his chair at the University of Berlin in 1935 and had been forced to officially abandon his work on the Hinkmar edition late in 1938; his authorship was posthumously recognised in the preface to the reprint of the first fascicle in 1975. The publication of the second fascicle containing Hinkmar's epistles nr. 207 to nr. 341 now continues this longstanding project. While for the letters up to nr. 328 the edition could draw on material already gathered by Ernst Perels and Nelly Ertl, correcting, supplementing and updating it where necessary, no such groundwork had been laid for the remaining letters of the year 872, nr. 329-341, which had to be edited from scratch. The third and final fascicle, containing Hinkmar's letters 873 to 882 and rounding up the volume as a whole with an introduction and complete concordances and indices, may be expected in the near future.

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